Work in Progress

  • Mergers and Demand-Enhancing Innovation,” with Bruno Jullien and Yassine Lefouili, TSE Working Paper, n° 18-907, March 2018.
  • Market Entry and Fighting Brands: the Case of the French Mobile Telecommunications Market,” with Yutec Sun and Frank Verboven.
  • “Unbundling the Incumbent and Entry into Fiber: Evidence from France,” with Maude Hasbi and Lukasz Grzybowski.
  • “Streaming Platform and Strategic Recommendation Bias,” with Germain Gaudin.
  • “The Market for Standard Essential Patents,” with Yann Ménière and Tim Pohlmann.
  • “Licensing Standard Essential Patents with Costly Enforcement,” with Yann Ménière and Rafael Ferraz.
  • “Digitization and Entrepreneurship: Self-releasing in the Recorded Music Industry,” with Maya Bacache and François Moreau.