My research is interested in how digital technologies are transforming the finance industry (digital payments, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence) in developed and developing countries (financial inclusion) as well as the media and advertising industries. My research traverses the fields of economics, social sciences, and data science.

I collaborate with colleagues in Economics, Statistics and Computer sciences from universities, public institutions and private research companies. Beyond academic journals, some of my recent works have been published in central banks' working paper series such as the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Bank of Canada, De Nederlandsche Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Austrian Central Bank, and the Colombian Central Bank.

I am the co-founder of the Chair 'Digital Finance' (with Marianne Verdier) in partnership with Institut Louis Bachelier, Cartes Bancaires and La Banque Postale, and the interdisciplinary ANR Chair in Artificial Intelligence "Explainable AI for Anti-Money Laundering" with Winston Maxwell (Law) and Stéphan Clémençon (Applied Mathematics) in partnership with PWC, Bleckwen, and ACPR.

I serve as an Associate Editor for Electronic Commerce Research and Application.


Lancement de la Chaire de Recherche Finance Digitale :Galerie Photos.

11 mars 2019

Biais des algorithmes, discrimination et équité (Edito n°12 - VPIP)

Nov/Oct 2018

Présentations à la Chaire Valeur et Politique des Informations Personnelles (16/11) et à l'Institut Villebon Georges Charpak (30/11).

L’usage des espèces en France : priorité aux transactions de faible valeur

Oct. 2018

Bulletin de la Banque de France n°220, avec Emmanuelle Politronacci, Adeline Moret, et Abel François.

Participation au comité du programme de la prochaine conférence:Data for Policy 2019, Digital Trust and Personal Data

Oct. 2018

organisée à Londres en juin 2019.

Faut-il réguler l'intelligence artificielle et, si oui, de façon globale ou sectorielle ?

Sept. 2018

avec Winston Maxwell, Edition Multimédi@, n°196.


I develop several research programs with banks, payment card networks, and central banks to study how financial and technological innovations are transforming individual payment decisions, sectoral regulations and monetary policies.

As a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Center for the Study of Advertising Media (Centre d'Etude des Supports de Publicité), I contribute to audit and control media research. I am mostly involved in activities related to TV, Internet and mobile audiences, and specific topics such as advertising viewability and invalid traffic.



You can always send me a postal mail at the following address:

19 Place Marguerite Perey | Office 3A483
91120 Palaiseau, France
55 rue Anatole France
92300 Levallois Perret
+33 1 75 31 98 80

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